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T-shirt Styles

Short Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeves are the most common type of t-shirt sleeve. It covers half of the upper arm and t-shirts with this style are mostly tight fit, especially when it comes to the women’s t-shirts.

Sleeveless Shirts

Sleeveless T-shirts/tanks are the most comfortable during summers. This style has no sleeves and exposes the entire arm of the person wearing it. There are different types of straps – from very thin ones to ones covering the entire shoulder. For Men, Sleeveless tees are known as Muscle tees and these are often found in sport jerseys.

3/4 Sleeve Shirts

3/4 Sleeves are good for cold weathers and falls just above the elbows. This style can often be seen on women t-shirts and may be loose or tight fit sleeves.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeved T-shirts are a savior during cold weather as they extend up to the wrist. These are usually tight fit sleeves and unisex.

Crew Neck Shirts

Crew neck t-shirts have a round neckline without collars. These crew neck t-shirts were originally developed as undergarments. These are the most common necklines and are very comfortable. The crew necks were first worn by the US Army.

V-Neck Shirts

The V-neck gets its name from its obvious “V” shape. This type of tee shirt neck can be often found on women’s T-shirts because they are very comfortable and breathable, especially during warm weather. V-necks first originated from the Middle-East region.

Tank Tops

All of us love Tank Top shirts as they are so comfortable and breathable, especially during those warm and sultry summer days. A tank top is a sleeveless shirt with varied shoulder straps. There are tank tops with different kinds of shirt fabrics and styles for any kind of occasion or event. It got its name from ”tank-suits”, the one piece bathing suit that was popular in the 20’s. Tanks have a variety of strap sizes such as: Spaghetti Straps, Thick Straps, Muscle Tanks, Halter Tanks, and Racerbacks.


Sweatshirts are often our saviors when it comes to cold weather. Sweatshirts often come with a hoodie and a zipper in front. Sweatshirts were first introduced to the world by monks in medieval Europe. So these monks wore a hood over a robe. Little did they know that they are creating a fashion trend! In the 30’s Champion USA sold sweatshirts to laborers in New York who wore them during New York’s freezing cold weather.

Baseball Shirts

Raglan Sleeve Shirts are shirts where the sleeve's seams go straight from under the arm to the neckline with single piece which is attached to the shell of the T-shirt. It does not have any shoulder seams like the usual T-shirts. This makes it very comfortable to move around in which makes it well suited attire for Baseball and other athletic activities. Baseball requires a lot of running and bodily movements and Raglan Sleeves are undoubtedly comfortable for the sport and conjures a nostalgia for America's pastime as well. Often Raglan Sleeves are a different color than the rest of the T-shirt by design, giving it a colorful and sporty feel. The Raglan baseball shirts are usually light weight and cotton or poly cotton fabric based which make them breathable and comfortable.

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