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T-shirt Materials

Ultra Cotton Shirts

Ultra Cotton T-shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton fabric and is very comfortable. They are the most common t-shirts and our customers always love them!

50/50 Blend Shirts

50/50 Blend has 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has the advantages of both cotton and polyester shirts. It is very soft and breathable like cotton and very flexible, and resistant to shrinking like polyester shirts.

Ringspun Cotton Shirts

Do you like the super-soft shirt feel? If yes, you have to check out ringspun shirts. As the name suggests, the fabric is produced by a fiber spinning process, thereby making the cotton fibers able to create finely thin threads. This process makes the t-shirts very durable and ringspun is often seen in women’s tees and shirts.

Dry Blend Shirts

Dry Blend is similar to the 50/50 blend shirts, but is designed in such a way that it wicks away the moisture from the body. So it is a very breathable fabric and also has the benefits of a 50/50 blend shirt.

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