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T-shirt History

Starting Out

Tee shirts were first issued by the US Navy during the Spanish American war. The first Tee Shirts worn were crew shirts and short sleeve, and worn as underwear beneath garments. It also attracted the US army as the tee shirts were light-weight, breathable and comfortable. Farmers, miners and construction workers found solace in cotton Tee shirts during hot summers. T-shirts derive their name because of obvious reasons…. Because of their shapes of course! (The “T” Shape). In 1920, the word Tee-shirt became a popular American English word and appeared on Merriam Webster’s English Dictionary.

Screen Printing

AirCorps Gunnery School Tee shirt was the first printed Tee shirt and it appeared on the cover page of LIFE magazine. In second, Tropix Togs, a company also printed Mickey Mouse Tee shirts for selling to the public.

Fashion Icons

Marlon Brando wore one in the movie “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Tee-shirts became the coolest and most fashionable attire endorsed by celebrities. In the 60’s Tee shirts became a vehicle for self-expression. They were often used to convey protests, souvenier messages, political messages and pop-culture references. Then, popular designs were created in the 70’s which are popular even today in a nostalgic way that people always enjoy and appreciate. Those tee shirt designs include the famous “I love NY”, happy face T-shirts, Rolling Stones Tee-shirts and many more.

Current Trends

Popular trends in shirts right now are the V-neck shirts, Crew neck shirts, Scoop neck shirts, spaghetti tank tops, polos, camisoles and the famous hip-hop tall tees “Tall-T” which extends down to the knees. In the 90’s the cropped Tee shirts and baby doll Tee shirts for women have become a major fashion trend.

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