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Screen Printing Ideal

Environment friendly?

Then your answer is Water Based. Water Based prints are light weight as they are a mixture of water and dye. Water Based printing is gaining a lot of popularity due to its advantages like:
• Vintage printing
• Flows well with T-shirt and it does not look heavy
• Feels light on the body (If you are going to run in a marathon on a sunny day, go for water- based!!)
• Super Soft and Eco Friendly

However, there are disadvantages to Water-based too:
• Not the best choice for dark colored apparel
• A little expensive and time consuming

Economical T-shirts?

Plastisol will work better for you! As the name suggests, plastisol based screen printing is all about plastic and contains Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) particles suspended over plasticizing emulsion. Plastisol is extremely opaque and sits on top of the apparel giving it a prominent look. Plastisol based ink should be cured to dry and the best temperature for curing is 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Economical
• Well suited for dark apparel
• Retention of Bright prints for several years with proper care
• No Running water source required

• It is not Breathable
• Not Eco-Friendly

Soft prints, dark color shirt?

Yes, we have a solution for that too here at Thrifty Threads and it is called Discharge based Screen printing. It is a magical printing method that bleaches out the existing dyes and replaces it with the desired colors. The prints are super soft and are breathable and can be used if you love soft prints on dark colored apparel shirts.

• Extremely Soft
• Breathable
• Creates soft prints on dark colored apparel, unlike water based printing.

• Level of detailing or intricacy is limited
• Pantone matching is not accurate
• Does not work well with all materials. Well suited on only 100% cotton shirts

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