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Screen Printing History


Screen Printing is a type of stenciling technique that was first discovered in present day China during the Song Dynasty. Later on, other Asian countries, like Japan, adopted these methods and developed them further. Printers tried experimenting with photo-reactive chemicals and the results expanded the capabilities. Edward Owens, Charles Peter and Roy Beck, three smart developers experimented with chromic acid salt sensitized emulsions for photo-reactive stencils. What they created was a MIRACLE indeed and it was called photo imaged stencils.

Popularity in America

Andy Warhol was the person who introduced screen printing in the US. He screen printed Marilyn Monroe in bright colors and the trend caught fire. No wonder Screen Printing became so cool!


American Inventor Michael Vasilantone received the patent for developing a multicolor garment screen printing machine in the 60’s. This machine was used to print logos, team wear, and bowling apparel. Then it slowly moved to tee shirt screen printing, which is the latest fad.

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