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Not everyone is an artist, or has fancy programs, and we understand that. Do you have a napkin with a doodle, or just some ideas but nothing solid yet? Don't worry, our experienced design team will work their magic and will take your idea from concept to reality.

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Glenn Scott Landscaping

Your design

Do you have a doodle? Something on a coffee stained napkin, or an awesome sketch you and your buddies put together? Send it to us, and we'll help you take that to the next level!
Glenn Scott Landscaping

Our Magic

Our experienced designers can help you make those customized T-shirts or tanks you've always wanted. Using any references you may have, or even take time to speak with you over the phone to flesh out your idea, we can create amazing shirts for you!
Glenn Scott Landscaping

Your T-Shirt

Once you have approved the artwork that our designers have worked with you on, it's time for us to do some hard work for you. We'll take those designs we have made and print them on shirts of your choice for you to show off to friends, family, and co-workers!


We enjoy working with clients to produce amazing and eye catching designs. Our designers are always excited to create designs from scratch, but also enjoy taking your ideas and polishing them up just for you!

Max Sizes

Here are a few of the most common locations for designs to be placed on t-shirts as well as maximum sizes for your designs. If you want your design in a different location, let us know!


12" wide by 15" tall


3.5" wide by 3.5" tall


3.5" wide by 4.5" tall


12" wide by 15" tall



We are capable of printing more than one color on your shirts! There really is almost no limit to how many colors you can use, but keep in mind that the more screens we have to use to make your design the more expensive it can turn out. Also, a simple eye catching design is always better than a busy one.

A good standard is going to be around 3 colors. Any more than that and you will sometimes run into readability issues, more expense, and longer production times.

File Types

We can work with pretty much any image file type you send to us. While we prefer vector images, we know that's not always possible. Our expert designers can use photos, sketches, or even talk with you over the phone!


Vector images are made with dots and mathematical equations. They can be resized to any size required without any loss of quality. Art will stay crisp and clean. These are our favorite!

.EPS .AI and sometimes .PFD .PSD


Raster, or bitmap, images are made from pixels. They are resolution dependant and wont scale up very well at all. Think of an image printed on a balloon, if you blow the balloon up the image will stretch and look bad.

Send us anything you might have, we can always work with you over the phone and make sure we get you the highest quality designs we can!

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