Summertime, and the livin’s easy.


Summer is here, and we have officially whipped out our sunscreen (and mosquito repellant) here in Texas – and of course, our t-shirts! Finally! (Stay tuned until the end of the post for a special surprise). but first:


Local Dallas-ites, be sure not to miss Kaboom Town! in Addison on Friday, July 3rd.  Come celebrate our independence with awe-inspiring fireworks, tasty food, and live jams! Admission is free, but get there early. Good spots fill up quick.




Going on a road trip? Check out some of some of our tips for life on the road.

1. Stay at home and watch National Lampoon’s vacation movies instead of going outside. It’s free and there is literally zero packing. Don’t forget to close the blinds so no vitamin D gets in.


2. Just kidding (or are we?). Go camping instead of getting a hotel room. Campsites generally run for around $15 /a night. Not only does it give the kids the opportunity to learn about the great outdoors, but it brings the whole family together. And come on, who doesn’t love s’mores? No one. No one doesn’t love s’mores.

3. If you’re driving, get a gas app for your phone like Gas Buddy to find the cheapest in the area. 9 times out of 10 there’s cheaper gas one or two blocks from the highway than the expensive hot spots in sight. When you’re driving across country, every penny counts.

4. Going to a National Park? Pick a weekday instead of a weekend. Trails tend to get crowded on weekends and you have to wait your turn to see a good view and getting a photo without 100 other tourists in the frame is practically impossible! Weekday mornings are prime time for solitary views!

5. Wear White. It’s the coolest (literally) color you can wear in the summer, so stock up on some custom made white t-shirts before taking off.


Come on, dude. I’m ready for my surprise.

Okay, okay. We got you. Need some t-shirts for your family reunion or Vacation Bible School? What about some band merch or a sports team? Place your order before June 30th at and get 10% off! Just use code THRIFTYJUNE


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