Flaunt Your True Personality with Custom Gildan T-Shirts: Here’s How

Who Are You Concept

Showcasing your personality is a combination of many elements, one of which is clothing. Among other options, t-shirts are an age old fashion essential that you can blend with other fashion items to create a distinct style statement. The choices are endless. From musicians, bands, sports teams, social clubs, schools, to political and corporate – you can easily order t-shirts with custom graphics, text, and logos, to convey any message. Custom Gildan T shirts, therefore, are must-have in your wardrobe, if the aim is to stand out from the clutter. On that note, we list a few personality types and how they can be showcased using custom t-shirts.

Geeks or Thinkers

Who are they?

As the name implies, geeks are brainiacs involved with research, analytics, and other cerebrally taxing endeavors. Among this group, you find philosophers, scientists, software developers, and writers, among others. Such personalities usually prefer to work alone most times, than being in a team.

Our Suggestion

Showcase your thinking prowess with t-shirts that have geeky prints. Create your message and graphics, and send the design to us for printing on high-quality custom Gildan t-shirts.

Doers or Go-Getters

Unlike the thinkers, this group of people is action oriented as opposed to spending long hours flexing their mental capabilities. They walk the talk and focus on their goals with a hawk eye.

Our Suggestion

T-shirts with sporty prints or graffiti help highlight the practical side. T-shirts with plain messages are also a good choice.

Artists and Creators

Those who use talent, imagination and creativity to entertain and confound the masses. Examples include designers, painters, sculptors, and musicians. Artists and creators usually perceive things differently and make the world colorful, inspiring, entertaining, and simply fantastic. They are unconventional, non-conformist, and have their way of doing things. Individual thinking is what defines them.

Our Suggestion

If you are a painter, designer, musician, or someone who wants to bring out a piece of the inner you through your fashion taste, go for graphic tees. Creativity is in your nature and putting together a design or creative idea for your customized t-shirts will be a walk in the park. Let your clothing express your uniqueness.

Hustlers or Persuaders

Ambitious is the word to describe this group of people. People who have a goal they are working towards and are determined to achieve something in life. Most politicians, CEO’s and people occupying prominent positions in life are hustlers. As they say in psychology, these sort of people are born leaders, negotiators, and pursue success on more than one front.

Our Suggestion

Wear t-shirts with unique logos that help express the unique “you”, your aims and how big you wish to achieve. Announce your uncompromising quest for success with catchy text and minimal graphics.


Custom Gildan t-shirts are never out of fashion and define your personality type according to your taste and creative side. Whether organizing a corporate event, promoting a brand, or seeking a personalized gift for a friend or loved one, custom designed t-shirts are an excellent option. Our in-house online t-shirt designing team and tools always bring out stunning prints on durable quality t-shirts. To learn more, contact us today @ (888) 998-2805 or request a quote here.

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