Custom Gildan T-shirts: Showcase Your Love for The King of Rock

“There is old wave, there’s new wave, and there is Bowie.” 


“10 Jan, 2016” will go down as a dark day in the history of music, as the world lost one of the most enigmatic and talented artists of the 21st century – the king of rock – David Bowie. A globally celebrated musician, David had a remarkably successful career that spanned decades, with his legion of fans being a living proof of his glory. Even now when he is not among us, his legacy is sure to live on. Though, as a fan, you have reconcile with the reality that the icon is no more, tribute t-shirts provide a great way immortalize his legacy, and even turn a profit. Whether you are a fan, or looking for a business opportunity, custom Gildan t-shirts dedicated to David Bowie the bill in both scenarios. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas through which you can pay homage to this musical legend.

Tribute T-shirt Ideas

Idea #1: Picture, accompanied by his Date of Birth and Death

Though this is a common trend in tribute t-shirt customization, it is still an appealing presentation that is sure to have many takers among fans. A cool image of the legend, preferably from a live performance, with his date of birth and death (8 Jan, 1947 to 10 Jan, 2016), front back, makes an ideal design choice to pay tribute to the king of rock.

Idea#2: Quotes by the Legend

David Bowie was famous for his bold statements, some of which later became his popular quotes in this age of social media and memes. You can get any of his bold quotes printed on custom t-shirts for an appealing tribute t-shirt collection for yourself or the market. You     can find a number of cool David Bowie quotes here.

Idea#3: Lyrics of Popular Songs

Printing a few lines of some of the most celebrated David Bowie songs on t-shirts is another way to commemorate the work of this great artist. Space Oddity, Let’s Dance, Fame, Changes, Moonage Dream, Heroes, and Young Americans, are a few of the many masterpieces attributable to David Bowie. You can get a paragraph or complete lyrics printed on the front or at the back, with a large Bowie image to add life to your creative design.

Idea#4 Bowie Pictures with a List of his Achievements

Bowie received an Ivor Novello special award for originality for his one of the most celebrated songs ‘ space oddity’, earning Bowie his first mainstream award. You can mention various such awards on the t-shirt, or print a picture of Bowie with any one of his awards and mention the name or description.


In addition to the ones discussed, there are many other ideas to create custom tribute t-shirts. You will never go wrong as long as you ensure that the t-shirts you use for your creative work are made of good quality material. Among others, custom Gildan t-shirts are known for their quality and feel, and therefore, are always a safe choice. If you too wish to try your creative genius, Thrifty Threads is here to help. We are a trusted custom t-shirt printing company that also gives you the option to submit your design ideas and get free assistance from professional designers. Share your David Bowie t-shirt design ideas with us, and let’s start the conversation.

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