7 Steps to Start Your T-shirt Printing Company

T-Shirts Printing Company - Choose Your TemplateWe all know that t-shirts are a staple item in casual wear and universally worn by men and women. Not only are they handy and comfortable to wear, they also offer enough space for creativity to artists and entrepreneurs alike. Growing demand for personalized t-shirts with interesting designs, funny or inspirational messages, and even personal photos, has led to a boon in customized t-shirt sales online. If you have been waiting for the right opportunity or great business idea, starting an online t-shirt business is a great and economical way to realize your entrepreneurial dreams. To give you a head start, here are steps that you should follow.

Step 1: Decide the Target Market

Decide the target customers and the types of t-shirts you will sell. For example, if you are targeting music lovers, you may want to sell a t-shirts with photos of music icons, or lyrics excerpts; you can also sell t-shirts with funny or inspirational messages to a wide market encompassing kids, youths, adults as well as elderly. You may even ask your customers to send their custom or raw design ideas, for their personalized t-shirts. Make use of social networking sites such as Facebook to do your market research by posting samples and soliciting people’s opinions on your designs.

Step 2: Leverage Third-Party Assistance

Get all your designs and messages printed at Thrifty Threads at affordable prices. We have a team of designing experts to help you get design printed on t-shirts and other apparel. Even if you are not clear about the design but have some rough sketch, a drawing or a scribble on a page, our designers know how to polish that idea to give you remarkable prints. You also get access to high quality name brand T Shirts, free design time, and free shipping, among others. Printing t-shirts online allows you to launch your business on little capital and also run it from your home as there is no need for holding stock.

Step: 3 Give Your Business an Identity

When doing business, it is important to give an identity to your enterprise in the form of a name and logo. Have unique and memorable labels made and sew them onto your t-shirts. It helps carve a niche for your business and build rapport with the market. In addition, unless you have an in-depth understanding of online promotions, it is advisable to hire a professional agency to promote your brand online.

Step 4: Obtain a Business License

Before starting your business, make sure you get it registered according to the laws obtaining in your state. You should also research on affordable and reliable courier services to ensure that you price your t shirts right and deliver on time.

Step 5: Set Pricing

A competitive price range is essential for business success, especially for small ticket businesses. Research on competitor price models, consider your costs, set a profit margin and establish a pricing. Build on what makes your service unique, when coming up with your pricing structure.

Step 6: Sell your T-shirts Online & Offline

To sell your t-shirts offline, target flea market, or local shops that sell complementary clothing. If your t-shirts can garner enough attention, store owners will agree to stock more. Many people today prefer shopping online and you need to double your efforts in reaching this market. Set up a website through which you can sell your t-shirts and also take your efforts to social media. Set up a payment gateway to accept online payments.

Step 7: Devise a Marketing Strategy

It is important to understand that every business needs to create proper awareness among potential customers. Even if you already have a website, you have to market it through online ads, social media promotion, and fliers, among other initiatives.

The Bottom Line

A t-shirt printing business is profitable, easy to set-up, and requires minimal start-up capital. However, to succeed in this increasingly competitive domain, you need to thoroughly research the marketability of your design ideas, shipping options, pricing model, licensing, and other pertinent matters discussed in the post. If you need a reliable printing partner with expert designers possessing extensive experience in conceptualizing name brand apparel, Thrifty Threads has got you covered. Talk to us now to learn more about how we can help.

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