6 Popular T-shirt Screen Printing Ideas to Give Your Business a Head Start

Custom T-shirt screen printing provides a possible avenue for you to launch your own line of apparel. To mark a mark in this growing market segment, however – more than anything else – you need an endless supply of fresh and distinct design ideas, which is easier than you might think. Look around and take note of what’s trending and see how you can reproduce the same ideas with a unique twist, or come up with something completely different altogether. If you still find yourself short of options, this post discusses some ideas that are a failsafe recipe to attract potential customers. Let’s take a look.

6 T-shirt Screen Printing Ideas for Business

1. Portraits of Historic Iconics

Charlie Chaplin Historic Iconic ApparelPortraits of famous people, mainly from the nineteenth, twentieth, or twenty first centuries, make good options to your apparel selection. There are many tried and tested options, including iconic actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and even humanitarians. Some of the most popular faces that feature on t-shirts include Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Dr Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, President Obama, Bob Marley, James Bond, and David Beckham, to name a few.


Meaningful & Creative T-shirt QuoteGoing for quotes gives you a wide spectrum of choices as they can be witty, famous, motivational, religious, or exude attitude, among many other options. A quote can be about anything and everything. Most people, especially youth, prefer wearing t-shirts with meaningful quotes to express their creative side and exercise self-expression. Therefore, creating quirky or intellectual custom t-shirts with quotes is a sure way to attract potential customers.

3. Nature

Nature Inspired Custom T-shirt DesignNo matter what we do or who we are, it goes without saying that we all are attracted to and mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature. Therefore, one of the options to click with potential customers is attuning your custom t-shirts to the season. In addition, you are sure to find several inspirations in your surroundings. Floral designs, trees, leaves, water bodies, lush green gardens and mountains, are a few popular options for nature inspired t-shirt designs.

4. Occasions

Personalized Custom T-shirt DesignTo boost your business, you can design custom t-shirts for specific occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving, among others. You can also allow your customers to submit their design ideas to get something truly personalized. Make sure your printing services provider has professional designers who can help perfect rough ideas and come up with excellent designs that appeal to today’s increasingly discerning customers.

5. Causes

Social Cause Red Ribbon T-shirt DesignIncreased access to diverse sources of information has seen more youths and adults getting active in supporting political and social causes of all kinds. The most popular weapon in activism of any nature, after determination and awareness, is customized t-shirts that effectively communicate the thought behind the cause. Among other options, t-shirts with a red ribbon print are exceptionally popular among people in support of the fight against AIDS.

6. Fictional Characters

Creative T-shirt Design Animation & CartoonThey say a part of the child in us never dies, no matter how old we get. Holding onto that thought, you can bring various animated and cartoon characters to creative prints with the help of professional designers. Popular choices include Superman, Homer Simpson, Popeye, Garfield, and Tom & Jerry. Characters from epic movies such as Lord of the Rings and teleseries such as Game Of Thrones are also popular choices for custom tees. Though the market is awash with t-shirts with such designs, you can separate your products by putting your creativity to work.

Last Few Words

If you already have rough ideas about how your designs should look like, our designers can help transform them into professionally mastered distinct designs that sell like hotcakes. Thrifty Threads, with more than decade of experience in the domain, helps you to create unique custom t-shirt designs and offer the best in terms of quality to your customers. Leveraging a team of professional designers and the latest in t-shirts screen printing technology, we make sure that the final products not only look great, but are also made to last. Should you wish to learn more about our capabilities, drop us a message and we will get back to you, shortly.

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