5 Custom T-shirt Trends to Watch for in 2016

Custom T-shirt Trends in 2016Given the availability of world-class tools for creating a variety of graphics, almost any imagination can be manifested into a printable design. There are, however, certain technical limitations that need to be considered when it comes to bringing an idea into a print. Deciding the combination of colors, designs, and styles should be part of the creative process. Ranging from vintage to geometric, illustration to typography, this blog post discusses some best printing friendly combinations that are gaining prominence in 2016.

1. Vintage Lettering

They say, “vintage” was “the time when something of quality was produced.” There are many people who love the appeal of vintage stuff, including vintage texts. Vintage letter printing is one way to revive the charm of those fine things and add another flavour to your custom t-shirt collection. The best way to master this style is to use a little darker shade for letters in combination to the real color of the t-shirt. This type of design can be easily printed using screen printing technology.

2. Witty Typos

This style is less about color and contrast and more about the tweaked message written on t-shirts  that make the t-shirt eye-catching. Any famous quote from movie, books, philosopher, or even your creative mind’s creation written in one of the many helvetica fonts is all that you need to master a typo custom t-shirt look. This type of t-shirt design blends well with screen printing as there are usually one or two colors required for the design.

3. Black and White Geometrics

There is no way you can go wrong with this one. Though these t-shirts are particularly popular among rock music lovers and geeks, in 2016 they are sure to catch up with mainstream chic t-shirt designs. Such designs go well with slim fit long garments. To get the design right, keep the design monocolored, for example black, in contrast to t-shirt color.

4. Large Photos or Collages

This is probably the most popular t-shirt design, this season. Faces of famous celebrities from past and present, or colorful collage of words, in different color hues, can be easily spotted in many clothing stores. This type of printing is usually done using DTG (direct to garment) technology, which comes with a flexibility of 29.7 X 42 cms.

5. Funny Artwork

Everybody loves to have at least one funny t-shirt in their wardrobe, for example an elephant wearing sunglasses or a Hippo wearing a bikini. One thing is to keep in mind when getting a funny artwork is that it shouldn’t be too loud to hurt anyone’s sentiments, also be keen about what goes into printing. Both DTG and screen printing technology are feasible for this kind of printing.


In addition to the options discussed in this post, you can find numerous other custom t-shirt design ideas in our previous shares. Although the internet is rife with unique t-shirt design ideas, funny pictures, and quotes; if you have a rough idea and want it to be professionally mastered, the design experts at Thrifty Threads are always there to help. Whether you are looking for custom t-shirts in Dallas or any other part of in Texas, feel free to get in touch with our expert designers by calling us at (888) 998-2805. You can also request a quote by clicking here.

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