4 Times Celebrities Made a Statement with Custom T-Shirts

Custom-T-shirts StatementsSporting custom t-shirts and apparel is in vogue. The trend is fuelled by the influence of popular culture among the urban youth eager to express their opinions and speak their minds, and the use of customized products as promotional tools by businesses. The apparel and fashion industry too responded positively to this increase in demand, and is witnessing a consistent growth of businesses offering custom t-shirt and apparel screen printing. Even celebrities are no outsiders to the trend, as many of them can be seen attending social dos, award ceremonies, and other gatherings wearing custom t-shirts that exhibit their imaginative side. In this post, we enumerate some of the most stylish celebrities who love sporting stylish t-shirts in public.

So, here we go.

Mila Kunis

Who says politics is boring? We definitely don’t think so; especially if someone as gorgeous as Mila Kunis plays a part in it. The famous actress was recently spotted sporting a plain white t-shirt which read “Barack The Vote”. The celebrity has been a staunch Obama supporter and has never backed down from showing her support for the US President. You too can order a custom t-shirt to show your support for the politician of your choice (if you’re into politics). While doing so remember to opt for a light colored fabric to ensure the message imprinted on the t-shirt does not lose its prominence.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is a spokeswoman for the “Malaria No More” campaign, which is geared towards generating funds to fight the deadly disease on a global level. Banks recently made a public appearance donning a white t-shirt that had “Mosquitos suck because they spread Malaria” printed in blue and green on it. You too can mobilize support for causes/initiatives that are near to your heart by ordering themed customized t-shirts online. Many famous personalities including Kate Moss, Emma Bunton, and Katie Price use custom t-shirts to create awareness on global issues.

Kim Kardashian

Participating in a competition? Need to mobilize support? Well you need to get out, let people know you need their support and what better way to do this than to don a custom t-shirt like the one Kim Kardashian sported when she was participating in Dancing With the Stars. The t-shirt was nothing fancy; but proclaimed ‘Team Kim’ loudly. You can invest in a few t-shirts and pass them on to your friends and family to create your little brand army.

Miley Cyrus

Feel like expressing your attitude or creative side with unique and so-politically correct customized t-shirts? Take a cue or two from Miley Cyrus who, as everyone knows, has never backed down from controversy and making artistic statements. The pop star appeared in an Iron Maiden t-shirt some time back which leaves no room for assumptions on which band this much controversial celebrity swears by!

How About Customizing Your Own Tee?

Custom tees are essential in your wardrobe, as they not only lend a stylish look when you step out, but also convey an idea, message, attitude, personality, mood, passion, or anything else that you may want to project. Remember, a single quirky, humorous, or deep message can let people get your message better than a thousand words. If you need a custom product, the expert designers at Thrifty Threads are always eager to help. We manufacture custom t-shirts for both businesses and individuals. Call us at (888) 998-2805, or to request a quote, click here.

(Image credits: Pixabay)

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